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500 Startups: Co-Founding Love


The 500 Startups Blog posts founder stories. They posted this story written by Tactical Information Systems co-founder, Mary Haskett. Excerpt below, you can read the whole story here.

"I met Alex Kilpatrick when we were undergraduates in college (it was the 80s). I was a member of the Texas A&M Skydiving Club and working at a skydiving school and he wanted to learn how to skydive. We became friends and he kept jumping and got his jump master certification when I got my instructor certification. When he graduated he went to California and joined the Air Force and I got a degree in Applied Math, stayed in Texas and kept skydiving.

Mary & Alex in Baghdad, Iraq

Mary & Alex in Baghdad, Iraq

I kept in touch with Alex, we would talk once a year or so and exchange email and holiday cards. After graduate school, my husband and I sold the skydiving school and started a training company — my first “real” startup. I bootstrapped that company and one day Alex contacted me – he had his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, had been managing the Air Force’s basic research in Computer Science but was ready to leave the Air Force and do something else. We decided to see if we could sell immersive, simulation based training and he moved his family to Texas and started working for me. Turns out not many people want to pay for very high-end training and eventually Alex left and started doing research for DARPA and then started working for a defense contractor in biometrics."