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TIS Featured in Culture Map Austin: Profiles in Innovation

Austin, TX, February 2, 2012. Tactical Information Systems was profiled in Culture Map Austin's "Profiles in Innovation" series. The article details the company's founders journey from working for defense contractors on large, structured projects to starting a company and transitioning to the startup culture in Austin, Texas.

The company's first product, WanderID, is prominently featured: "Wander ID allows care-givers to easily upload a photo to the TIS servers. That photo is entered into a secure database with that person's contact information. On the other end, law enforcement officers and first responders have a the Wander ID app on their smartphones. When first responders find an unidentified individual, they can take a photo using their smartphone, upload it to WanderID cloud servers and the TIS database can match the facial characteristics within minutes — with upwards of 99 percent accuracy."