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TIS Co-Founder on How to Beat Facial-Recognition Software

Austin, TX, January 26, 2012. Dr. Alex Kilpatrick, co-founder of Tactical Information Systems was interviewed recently for an article on defeating biometric face matching technology for Security News Daily, a member of the TechMediaNetwork. TechMediaNetwork is a publisher with a combined reach of 98 million unique readers monthly, plus more through syndications to major media partners.

“Over the last decade, computers have become better at seeing faces. Software can tell if a camera has a face in its frame of vision, and law enforcement has been testing facial-recognition programs that can supposedly pick out suspects in a crowd. That's prompted an arms race between the people who build facial-recognition systems — and those seeking ways to defeat them.

Facial-recognition software is becoming a bigger issue for privacy advocates as well. Surveillance cameras are already ubiquitous in the U.K., are showing up in more places in the U.S. and may increasingly be connected to facial-recognition systems.

"I went to a Kinko's a while ago," said Alex Kilpatrick, chief technology officer and co-founder of Tactical Information Systems, a company in Austin, Texas, that sells facial-recognition software to law enforcement and the military. "I saw three cameras just while I was standing in line. You see them in all kinds of places now."

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