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Introducing WanderID

AUSTIN, TX, July 20, 2010. WanderID, the first product developed by Tactical Information Systems, was highlighted in an article about identification products for special needs children:

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High-Tech Child Identification Systems
A high-tech option that does not use a bracelet system is WanderID created by Tactical Information Systems. “WanderID uses biometric face matching technology that is being adapted from Department of Defense technology and applied to the consumer market,” said Mary Haskett, president and co-founder of Tactical Information Systems, in an email.

Parents or caregivers upload a photo of the child and emergency information into the WanderID system. If a child wanders, the person who locates the child can take a digital photo and upload it onto the company’s website. The person finding the child is then connected with the parent or caregiver through the company’s switchboard.

“The WanderID solution can't be lost or removed (unlike ID jewelry) and the contact information can be updated 24/7 so that if the family travels, moves or if the child goes to camp, the contact information is easily kept current,” Haskett said. Subscriptions to the WanderID service are $9.95 per month or $99.95 per year.

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