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Pre processor/Post Processor Transaction Manager


P4TM - Data for Any ABIS


Easy Ad-hoc Reporting

Easily create and update ad-hoc reports from any of the biographical data in your ABIS.



Auditing for Lost or Delayed Requests

Detailed reporting on the current status of your workflow. Find lost, delayed or broken requests.



Pre-submission Data Integrity Checking

Solve problems before they happen by verifying data integrity before submission to your ABIS.

The Pre Processor/Post Processor Transaction Manager (P4TM) is a simple application than 'wraps' around an Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) to provide advanced, configurable processing of incoming EFT records and the outgoing responses. The P4TM keeps a copy of biographical data before sending the EFT on to the ABIS for matching. It stores data in a SQL database for easy reporting.


  • enterprise data collection
  • custom reporting on any field
  • workflow management
  • add custom meta-data to your search requests
  • universal interface to matching system
  • industry standard interfaces

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