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ABIS NL: New Look

A New Look at the Multi-modal Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS)

The New Look ABIS was designed to be a “new look” at the concept of an ABIS, starting from scratch and incorporating the latest advanced software technologies in order to create a system with increased reliability and robustness while being affordable and easy to operate. It was designed specifically to operate in highly unstable environments with relatively untrained and unskilled operators.

The New Look ABIS delivers exactly what you need and no more. It is a reliable multi-modal (finger, palm, face and iris) biometric system. With full modularity you can easily get a solution tailored to your business processes. Our software is designed with independent modules which bring you open and cost effective solution with the flexibility to upgrade when necessary.

This new approach to AFIS is especially valuable in a large project such as national ID and social security, travel and border control, elections (voter registration and verification), and registration and authentication of employees in commercial applications.


Easy To Operate

Designed for harsh environments with unreliable power and unskilled operators.  Near-fully automated startup/shutdown processes allow the system to be easily turned off. Extensive error reporting, automatic fault handling, and redundancy make it easy for less skilled operators to find and fix error conditions.


Low Cost of Operations

Components are very loosely coupled, allowing for later expansion or changes, as well as quick isolation of faults. Localization is easily done with a language configuration editor available to administrators. Maintenance contracts are available but are not required.



Flexible & Standards Based

All customer generated data (files, minutiae, biometric data, biographical data, etc.) are exportable by the system at any time in a standard format that can be used by any other system.  The TIS ABIS NL is currently the only ABIS that has absolutely zero vendor lock-in.


Algorithm Agnostic

The system is not bound to a particular biometric matching algorithm. Wrappers are available for alternative algorithms (purchased separately), and multiple algorithms of the same modality can be run concurrently.




Most customizations – workflow, external sources, language, permissions, etc. are configurable by end users, eliminating the need for costly custom changes to the system by TIS.



The TIS ABIS NL is optimized for speed, reducing server count, power requirements, and floor space. Although the system is fast, its accuracy is very close to ABIS systems requiring 4-5 times the hardware.



The system can automatically recover from the most common faults without operator intervention; in the event of other faults, clear fault reporting is present. The system is built with thousands of automated tests, including automated tests for accuracy and throughput.



System Workstations

The TIS New Look ABIS uses the following workstations.  Any workstation can be used on any machine, subject to user permissions.

  • Enrollment Workstation

This workstation allows an operator to tag a set of files from portable media for ingestion into the system.

  • Data Workstation

This workstation allows an operator to run biographical data queries, typically to find a single or small number of results.  These results can be exported as simple reports.  The system also supports a general purpose reporting mechanism built from SQL Server Reporting, which runs through a standard web interface.

  • Status Workstation

This workstation allows an admin to monitor the health and status of the system, generally independent of biometric functionality – status of servers, networks, software, etc. The operator can perform some limited actions through this GUI to correct problems, but the purpose is primarily for monitoring.  This workstation also shows the status of startup/shutdown processes.  The admin can also set system configuration parameters through this workstation.

  • Process Workstation

This workstation allows the biometric manager to monitor the biometric processes of the system – queues, priorities, workload of examiners, etc.  The manager can perform a variety of actions such as changing the priority of items in queues, changing the allocation of the daily queues, and assigning tasks.

  • Enrollment Review Workstation

This workstation allows an examiner to perform quality adjustments on an enrollment record, or review of enrollment matches.  Quality adjustments include addition/deletion of minutiae, correction of sequence errors, or identification of cores and deltas.  Enrollment matches/non-matches can be confirmed, rejected, or marked for higher-level review.

  • Latent Workstation

The latent workstation allows a Latent Print Examiner to input/scan latent images and adjust them for submission to the system.  This is an iterative process that involves adjustment of a latent, submission, review of matches, and repeats of the process as needed.  An LPE can also review matches made by other examiners.


The default language is English. However, full Unicode support is provided so additional languages can be easily added. The TIS ABIS supports a “language editor” mode that allows an administrator to edit labels in-place, by clicking on the label and typing in a new value. This eliminates many language contextual errors that occur when translations are made without the translator understanding the context of the phrases being translated. Translations can also be provided via Windows standard resource files. In either case no recompilation of source code is required for translation – all language data is stored externally.

Language selection can be obtained via a drop-down menu, or via automatic selection tied to the current user’s specified language in Windows.

Operating System

The matcher components of the TIS New Look ABIS typically run on Linux (depending upon specific algorithm requirements), while all other functions run on Microsoft Windows Server 2012, or Windows 8/10. Workstation clients require minimal commodity COTS hardware for operation.


The hardware configuration depends on the size of the gallery and the through-put requirements. All hardware is rack-mounted, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and is vendor agnostic.

A New Look at the ABIS

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