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Spoofing Fingerprint Sensors

Fake Fingerprints in the News

In the "never underestimate the cleverness of criminals" department, a group of Kuwaiti state employees have been referred for public prosecution for faking their fingerprints for a sensor designed to record work attendance.

"Colleagues used silicone finger tips to cover for the employees and were careful not to show their faces to the camera, the minister of commerce and industry Khalid Al Rowdan said."

The deceit was caught because all of the scanners are equipped with both fingerprint and face sensors and it was noticed that some employees scanned their fingerprints while covering the camera or keeping their face away from it.

"Ghost employees and high levels of absenteeism has been a thorny issue in public departments in the Gulf and the authorities have been pressing for stringent action to bring it down."

In Saudi Arabia, the director of a health center was fired when a patient took a video of empty offices while elderly patients waited for care. The video was posted to social media and quickly went viral. In another region, the mayor is using a fingerprint authentication system to verify the attendance of 2,000 employees. They must scan the fingerprint reader when they arrive and at different times through out the day. If the employee does not use the scanner at the designated times, he is considered absent and his salary is deducted accordingly.

Read the entire article here.

 fingerprint matching

In 2006, television series MythBusters performed an experiment to see if they could crack a fingerprint sensor. The team successfully captured a copy of a fingerprint by asking a colleague to copy a stack of CDs, which gave them a clear print. They transcribed the print and made a copy of ballistics gel and were able to fool all of the scanners tested.