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ISIS gets Scammed

It is hard to drum up even a shred of sympathy for the ISIS terrorist organization, but I had to chuckle when I read this recent story about how they got scammed.

"Chechen girls] made a business of meeting [ISIS] recruiters online and pretending to be eager to go to Syria. The only obstacle, they said, was the lack of travel money, which the recruiters were often willing to provide. Once the money was sent via anonymous electronic transfers, the swindlers would simply cash the money and delete the social media account used in the con.

The three-girl operation managed swindle some $3,300 from Islamic State recruiters before being caught by a Chechen police unit specializing in monitoring online activities for evidence of crimes, Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper reported."

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eur so cool. pls snd $$ and I will come see u

Interestingly, online scams are illegal even when perpetrated against an illegal organization. Kind of like how you can be charged with fraud for selling fake drugs. This is yet another example of the tragedy of our lack of verified online identity. Sure, it has a happy outcome in this example but it still shows how big of a problem it is, and how even social-media savvy organizations can get scammed.