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Shazam! for Faces

We met Tish Shute of www.ugotrade.com in New York. Tish is very interested in augmented reality and has a great blog that covers the gamut of interesting topics from augmented reality to mobile computer, social computing and sustainable living. We had a great conversation with her and she wrote wonderful things about us on her blog. I’m pasting an excerpt here because it’s a really long blog entry:

My favorite start up was a biometric service doing face, iris, and finger print matching, Tactical Information Systems.

Tim and Fred also liked them, and they have an interesting discussion about the merits or not of approaching your platform through a narrow first application as Tactical Information Systems are with WanderID -  an application to help identifying lost Alzheimer patients.  As Fred pointed out, they are potentially the Shazam for faces, so why start so small?

Ihad asked TIS the same question when I met them in the “speed dating” session.  This is just their first toe in the water as they are a two person company at the moment. Their vision for their platform is big.  Mary Haskett and Dr Alex Kilpatrick, the founders of this quintessential jet pony for the algorithmic economies in the sky, are not only a partnership with the credentials to do a  Shazam for faces – see their bios here, they are the people I would want to be running a Shazam for faces!  They really get the consequences of living in a world of data – check out Dr Kilpatrick’s absolute killer Ignite talk, “Defeating Big Brother.” (screenshot below)”

Go check out http://www.ugotrade.com for this and a whole lot more. My favorite part is where she said we are the people she would want running a Shazam for faces – YES! We live the balance between privacy and the world of data every day and it’s an issue near and dear to us.