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Man Walks Out of Prison

In the “unbelievable but true” category; Raymond Taylor, a Baltimore man in prison for life for three counts of attempted murder walked out of the prison last Thursday. He was being housed in the same cell as an inmate due to be released. When the officer called the name of that inmate, he stepped forward, recited the other inmate’s jail ID number and was released.

The error was not discovered for two hours when the other inmate demanded to be released. Mr. Taylor was taken back into custody the next day.

On the one hand, the two inmates had a vague physical resemblance and the inmate due to be released helped with the ruse.

On the other hand, are you kidding me?

Gosh, too bad there isn’t some other more reliable way to identify people. Something better than an ID number and a blurry photo. Because, you know, studies show that people are not really very good and identifying people from photographs, especially the kind of photographs you generally find on ID cards. Hmmm.