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Online Privacy 101: Tor Browser

There are many non-criminal reasons to want privacy online. Some of the most common are that you live in an oppressive country where simply browsing a website can get you arrested, or you live in a "free" country where the government monitors everything in the interest of combating terrorism, or you don't want to be tracked by corporations trying to sell you things. The Tor foundation has an exhaustive list of non-criminal uses of Tor. However, you don't really need a reason. Simply wanting privacy is enough. 

eCommerce & Reshipping Scams

I first heard about reshipping scams when BeehiveID was still a concept and we were in the beginning of our Techstars program. One of the companies we interviewed as part of our market validation had been a victim. People were using stolen credit cards to buy items from their website, receiving the item at their home address and then reshipping it to an address in Russia

You Can't Have Online Trust Without Online Identity

I ran across a fascinating article recently that did an analysis of movie reviews from some of the major review aggregators like Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, and compared them to Fandango. The short version of the article is that Fandango essentially never gives a movie a review of less than 3 stars, while the other two sites have reviews that span the spectrum.

Online Fraud Prevention - Browser Fingerprinting

Last time I wrote about how it is easy for scammers to defeat fraud prevention techniques based upon IP address, because it is easy to move internet packets in ways that hide their true origin. Since our IP address doesn't reliably identify us, other techniques were developed that were independent of IP address. The one we are going to talk about today is called browser fingerprinting.