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Online Verified Identity


Face Recognition Software for Identity Authentication & Verification


Reduce Fraud

Ensure all of your accounts are backed by one, unique, accountable person.



Increase Revenue

Data shows that between 40%-75% of all orders typically declined are false positive declines resulting in lost revenue.


Easy Integration

Start in minutes with our web interface or make an automated callback to an endpoint you specify. Don't know what that means? We can help!



Let Your Online Users ID Themselves

Online, people who are going to commit fraud, spam or abuse go to great lengths to hide their identity. Not only that, but they have adapted to the current generation of fraud prevention technologies that focus on transaction attributes such as IP address, geolocation or browser fingerprinting. Most people are honest and are willing to verify their identity to prevent fraud and keep themselves safe online. But current online identity verification methods require multiple steps and feel invasive. There is too much friction.

BeehiveID provides online users with a low-friction, easy way to prove their identity, reducing fraud and increasing engagement.

BeehiveID selfie authentication is an identity verification API that allows your users to verify their identity using a familiar method. Instead of answering questions about their financial history or showing government documents, they submit a “selfie” video via a phone or webcam. We do the heavy lifting on the back-end to verify the identity using biometric face matching and other image processing techniques to ensure that the photo is real, hasn't been altered and that the person is unique. You can preserve privacy and rapidly and robustly verify if an online user is genuine or not.

Watch our video below to see how it works.


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