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Building complete biometric identity solutions since 2009

Tactical Information Systems, LLC (TIS) is based in Austin, Texas and specializes in the rapid development of biometric software intended to be deployed into conflict zones or other extreme environments. 

TIS principals hold graduate degrees (MS, PhD) in engineering fields and have worked in advanced research in the field of identity resolution and identity management. Tactical Information Systems was named one of the finalists in the 2010 Startup Open, a competition for startups with high-growth potential. In 2011, TIS was the regional winner of IBM SmartCamp, part of IBM's Global Entrepreneur initiative, designed to mentor start-up companies with innovative technologies.  TIS is an 8(a) certified and economically disadvantaged woman-owned small business (EDWOSB).

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Our Products



Pre-Processor/Post-Processor Transaction Manager (P4TM) provides advanced, configurable processing of incoming ABIS biometric records, outgoing ABIS responses. Can be configures to support any ABIS.

Case Specific ABIS

Latent print examiners can spend an inordinate amount of time in the analysis and comparison of a complex latent print. Case Specific AFIS software allows for a more efficient use of resources and a reduction in error by allowing prints related to one case to be automatically searched outside of an ABIS.

New Look ABIS

Old school ABIS brought into the modern age of software. Designed from ground up to be deployed into conflict zones, easy to localize and customize.

Gatekeeper on the move

Gatekeeper on the Move is a biometric portal that collects fingerprints, iris and face images without the subject having to stop or touch anything. Collected biometrics are compared to a configurable watch list and results returned within seconds.


Watchlist Heuristic Adaptive Manager (WHAM) - Provides flexible management for watchlists integrated with an ABIS, enrollment, and checking systems. Multi-level security and auditing for control of critical watchlist identifiers.


We have a tremendous depth of experience designing, developing and deploying biometric products.

We have provided subject matter experts for some of most complicated biometric systems for foreign & US governments as well as consumer biometrics in some of the most difficult working environments imaginable. We design and testing support for a wide variety of biometric systems and are vendor agnostic.